What is Hello Zulu?

Hello Zulu is a online market place for vendors all around South Africa to sell their products on.

What can I sell on Hello Zulu?

You can sell:

• Things that were either designed by you, or manufactured by you, in South Africa.

• Imports that aren’t available locally (not frequently accepted though),  these would need to be items that you stock here in South Africa and that you have tested and are happy selling (we do not allow drop shipping as delivery could take too long.)

• Digital prints, recordings, podcasts and more.

You cannot sell:

• Branded products (international brand names other than local designers unless you have consent from the designer themself.)

• Alcohol, tobacco, or any legal or illegal drugs or pharmaceuticals.

• Livestock or animals.

• Pornography

All products must be shipped from within South Africa, no exceptions.

All store approvals are entirely at Hello Zulus discretion as we have strict guidelines as to how products need to look and how products have been set up.

How do I get my products accepted onto Hello Zulu?

Hello Zulu has a guideline when it comes to creating products. Please see guidelines here before adding any products.

If products do not meet Hello Zulu’s guidelines then they will be rejected.

Who stocks and sends my products?

Everything is stocked and shipped by you, the vendor. Hello Zulu does not stock any products or deal with any shipping of the products to clients. You will need to make sure that your clients get their products on time.

What courier company do we have to work with?

You can work with any courier company you like, all you need to do is set up your shipping methods and ka-ching!

How do I get paid for the products I sell?

Hello Zulu’s payout day is every Thursday OR once a month. Payments received after 4pm on a Tuesday will only be processed the following Thursday. If you do not pull your payout till the end of the month, your payout will automatically be create don the last Thursday of the month.

Payments take between 2 to 5 days to reflect in your bank account.

JUST REMEMBER: Everytime you request a payout, PayFast will charge R10 so it will save you money only requesting a payout once a month.

What is the R10 payout fee?

This is a fee that PayFast charges us per payout. This fee is charged each time we do a payout to your bank account. This fee only occurs when payouts are made.

How many products can I upload?

You are welcome to put up as many products as you like, this is a store for you. Also, the more products the better for everyone!

Are there any monthly fees or contracts?

No, we do not charge any monthly fees for selling on Hello Zulu. The only fees are the normal bank fees and a small commission for hosting your store:

Payfast: R10 each time you receive a payout. (Advised to request a payout once a month as opposed to once a week.)

Commission: We take a 15% commission on every item sold.

Possessor Fee: 4% Payment processor fees.

Who Deals with Refunds?

The Hello Zulu Service is “as is” and no refunds will be provided for fees.